Home Entertainment A lonely teen looks to a foreign country to find a best friend in this trailer for The Exchange

A lonely teen looks to a foreign country to find a best friend in this trailer for The Exchange

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To what extent are you willing to go to make friends? For many of us, this may not be difficult but there are many people out there who don’t find making friends all that easy and may end up surrounding themselves with Batman figurines and questionable food to find comfort in instead (Editor’s note: I wonder who this could be referring to? – Kervyn)

In The Exchange, Ed Oxenbuold’s lonely character takes a different tack as he convinces his parents to take in a French exchange student in the hopes that he would get along better with the more refined nature of the French culture and hopefully make a best friend. Except the student that arrives (Avan Jogia) is the very opposite of the person he was expecting. Cue some awkwardly funny consequences as can be witnessed from the below trailer:

A socially awkward but highly enterprising teenager decides to acquire a “mail-order best friend”; a sophisticated exchange student from France. Instead, he ends up importing his personal nightmare, a cologne-soaked, chain-smoking, sex-obsessed youth who quickly becomes the hero of his new community.

The Exchange comes from the mind of Dan Mazer who co-wrote Borat and directed Bad Grandpa and so depending on how you feel about those films, you will either love or loathe this movie. Personally, I am not a fan of these movies nor the humour on display here and fins it relies more on trying to make you feel awkward and relies on shock value rather than being genuinely funny. Hopefully, the final film will be a lot more thought-provoking and funnier than this trailer suggests.

The Exchange also stars Justin Hartley as an almost unrecognisable gym teacher and is set for release to on-demand services on July 20th.

Last Updated: June 24, 2021

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