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A New Mutants sequel would have starred Antonio Banderas

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Josh Boone’s New Mutants will be coming out April 3 and it looks surprisingly good based on what we have seen so far. A surprising turn of events considering the massive development hell it was put in when 20th Century Fox wasn’t exactly clear on what to do with it and left many wondering whether it would ever be released. After the Disney acquisition though (which many thought would definitely put its fate to rest) things have drastically changed for the movie with Disney not just loving the film, but making it part of the wider MCU too.

And while it will be interesting to see what exactly will become of the movie and whether it could prove to be a success and even a proper part of the MCU narrative, remains to be seen. Before any of this ever took place, Josh Boone had actually always envisaged that the film would be the start of a bigger franchise and had plans for a sequel.

In a recent chat with Entertainment Weekly, the director shared his thoughts as to exactly which villains he was planning to add in the sequel when he was first making the film, explaining that “We always intended to do New Mutants: Brazil as the second movie”.

Karma was always going to be the villain in the second movie that would be absorbed into the group by the end. We had always wanted to bring Karma and Warlock into the second one when we couldn’t do it in the first one.

More than just planning for the future, Boone also revealed that he’d actually cast none other than Antonio Banderas to play the key role of Emmanuel da Costa, father of Roberto “Sunspot” da Costa, for this sequel and was planning on including him in a post-credit scene for the first film although this scene was ultimately scrapped when Fox had other plans for the film.

Given how Fox had mishandled the X-Men franchise, I am kind of happy that they didn’t pursue this option, but with the New Mutants back in the Marvel fold perhaps we can still see more of these characters and Boone’s initial ideas in the future, albeit in a different guise given that Marvel is a lot more meticulous in how they plan these things out. I for one would love to see Banderas in the MCU and who knows, this could be his ticket in.

Last Updated: March 12, 2020

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  1. D@rCF0g

    March 12, 2020 at 12:08

    Antonio Banderas is looking rather old in the photograph in this story!


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