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A Quiet Place Part II videos talk about more survivors, more monsters

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A Quiet Place was a revolutionary thriller that made exceptional use of its premise of monsters that relied on noise to hunt you down, making you feel every bit as nervous as its characters as you unconsciously did your best to not make a sound in the cinema. Its exceptional use of sound (and the lack of it) combined with some rather difficult situations the main characters go through in trying not to make any noise, only added to its intensity.

So how do you make a movie that many consider near perfect, even better? Well, you do what most sequels tend to do, you add in more characters and more monsters. At least that’s what we are told in these two new clips from Paramount, the first of which provides us with the intensity of one of the film’s scariest moments and the second which unpacks what we can expect in the sequel a little more:

I do get concerned whenever sequels try and throw more at the audiences, because in the movie world – and especially horror films – more definitely isn’t always better. If that first clip is anything to go by, at the very least this sequel could be as intense as the first movie, with the possibility that adding more people only adds to the difficulty of staying silent. Hopefully A Quiet Place Part II can make full use of that idea, while opening the lore a little more (as shown by some teases of flashbacks), to make this a worthy addition to the first film and not just a needless cash-in.

A Quiet Place Part II sees writer and director John Krasinski return to the story he helped create and even though his role is mostly behind the camera this time (save for a few flashbacks), he should be able to ensure that this film doesn’t become another senseless sequel.

A Quiet Place Part 2 releases on March 20. Whic gives you enough time to practice eating your popcorn silently.

Last Updated: February 25, 2020

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