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A Rubik’s Cube movie? Yeah it’s happening

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What better way to start off the new year than with some entertainment news that proves 2021 is likely to be crazier than 2020 ever was? We’ve always known that Hollywood has been willing to turn just about anything into a movie, including various video games, board games, emojis, and even ridiculous Adam Sandler ideas, but it may be about to attempt one of its craziest ideas yet as Deadline is reporting that a Rubik’s Cube movie is in development.

Created by Hungarian Erno Rubik, the playful cube – first called The Magic Cube – is made out of interlocking and rotating multi-coloured blocks which allow you to solve any number of countless combinations to restore the cube back to its original form and remains popular to this day. Even though many companies have tried to replicate its success with their own take on the idea, none have come close to being as iconic or popular as the masterful Rubik’s Cube.

Its popularity may just be set to climb even more with the news that Hyde Park Entertainment Group are creating a feature film about the iconic toy. Exactly how they plan to turn the toy into a move idea though is not yet known, nor is there any news on the actual planned story or director details just yet, so it’s possible that this adaptation can still go in many different directions.

Including stories of people trying to solve it faster (building on the success of Netflix’s The Queen’s Gambit), a movie set in some mysterious Rubik’s cube world, or perhaps a biopic about the creation of the worldwide sensation, are all viable possibilities. I’m hoping for the latter, which could make for an interesting movie, though the first two ideas will certainly be bolder.

A project like this may be less about telling a good story and rather simply allowing Ideal Toys to sell even more of their cubes to the world and perhaps start a new trend of crazy puzzle-solving on the internet. Or people trying to pull the blocks apart and rebuilding it all in place out of frustration from not being able to solve it yet again.  

Last Updated: January 4, 2021

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