Multitasking : Kid Plays Guitar Hero and Solves Two Rubik’s Cubes At the Same Time

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Of the multitude of things I’m capable of that require dextrous fingers, solving Rubik’s cubes and playing Guitar Hero do not make the list. The multi-coloured blocks that are common to both are obviously some sort of personal kryptonite, as they both leave my fingers and brain in a state of flubbery non-compliance. The kid in this video puts me to utter shame if you consider that he’s capable of doing both. At the same time.

Watch in awe as he mashes his way through Ozzy Osbourne’s "Mr. Crowley" on expert whilst he solves not one, but two Rubik’s cubes with his free hand. Wait..what? Free hand? I need 3 just to be able to play the game. You’ll probably forgive his less than perfect 77% score considering it’s being played reversed in a mirror.

Inane? Absolutely. Completely pointless? You Betcha. Still ridiculously impressive? Hell yeah.

Last Updated: August 11, 2009

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