Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter cuts through the darkness with a greasy axe

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Words cannot express just how excited I am for the new Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter movie. It is to me what Prometheus is to our other writer, Kervyn, and yes, I have been excessively pouring over the most minute details for this film, while the latest trailer has plenty of new footage that will keep me going for months.

There’s a new trailer out for it, and good golly gosh, do I want to grow up to be a badass Axe-Fu wielder with a manly beard, who emanicipates the Nosferatu from the mortal coil.

I want it so bad!

Expanding on the story some more, Benjamin Walker’s Abe Licncoln explains that while history might remember him as a statesman, his vampire-hunting origins and campaigns will most likely be forgotten, left to become a myth on its own.

And a potentially kickass movie adaptation from director Timur “Wanted” Bekmambetov. Abe Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, is out in August this year.

Last Updated: March 19, 2012

Darryn Bonthuys

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