Activate turbo-boost, as KNIGHT RIDER races to the big screen

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Ah Knight Rider. I remember as a wee child, roughly two years ago when SABC started airing reruns, of the TV show of a man and his talking car. What I don’t remember so fondly though, is Knight Rider 2000, Team Knight Rider and the rebooted Knight Rider which starred a version of KITT that was voiced by Val “I ate all the bat-doughnuts” Kilmer.

Still, the original Hasslehoff version of Michael Knight has remained a firm part of the collective conscience of society. And it looks like yet another adaptation for the big screen is in the works.

Knight rider

The LA Times has reported Brad “Wild Hogs” Copeland has been tasked by the Weinstein company to write a draft for the project. The original show made a star out of David Hasslehoff, as he spent four seasons travelling the roads of America in the Knight Industries Two Thousand vehicle that was equipped with it’s own artificial intelligence system and a massive red button labelled ‘turbo-boost’. The series also saw three television films emerge, but the lightning was never bottled again for a second successful time.

Copeland has done a ton of writing work recently, from Arrested Development to The Inbetweeners. He also wrote and directed his own indie flick, Coffee Town, just last year. Here’s hoping that the 8th time is the charm for Knight Rider. Plus, I’mma riot like hell if that catchy electro-synth theme tune is dropped.

Last Updated: June 26, 2013

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