American Akira adaptation is almost axed

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There’s no denying that the movie world is sorely in need of some new, original material to adapt, and one of those properties that’s just itching for a faithful retelling is anime darling and cult classic Akira.

Hollywood has been attempting to get the project off the ground for quite a while now, trying to convince studios that it’s worthwhile filming something that combines rebelious Japanese teenagers with science fiction, apocalyptic themes and interwoven threads of isolation and confusion.

Just kidding, they were planning on filming an abortion of bad American silver screen clichés and stereotypes while barely touching on the original source material.

Thankfully, that little plan is on the verge of being thrown back into the pits of hell from whence it came.

Due to  casting and budget issues, the current version of the Akira film, having already gone through several revisions and rewrites over the last couple of years, has been almost effectively terminated according to insiders, the Hollywood Reporter claims.

Warner Bros isn’t happy with the direction that Akira has taken so far, and has given Producers Jennifer Kiloran Davisson and Andrew Lazar,  alongside director Jaume Collet-Serra have two weeks now to improve on the script, or Akira will find itself scrapped and back in development hell.

Warner Bros is looking to get the budget down significantly, and part of that plan will most likely mean dropping big name actors such as Kristen Stewart, Ken Wattanabe and Helena Bonham Carter from the cast, in order to meet the fiscal requirements of around $60 to $70 million.

Personally, I’d rather give a few dollars to a local hip hop dance studio and ask them to film an Akira musical concert, as that would be a much cheaper waste of cash.



Last Updated: January 6, 2012

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