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An Angry Birds animated series is coming to Netflix

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Sometimes a sign of quality is not always the reason for success. Take Angry Birds for instance. While the early Angry Birds mobile games were innovative and provided great and challenging fun, the formula ran out of steam pretty quickly and future versions of the game didn’t quite have that same charm as before. Rovio then decided to conquer the movie world and despite releasing two rather lacklustre films, the birds were still successful in topping the box office.

Now it appears that there is no way of stopping them, as those birds are coming for your TV screen in a new netflix series, Angry Birds: Summer Madness. The series will serve as a prequel to the movies and feature Red, Bomb & Chuck as teen birds at a summer camp who end up taking on the obnoxious pigs from the other side of the lake. Yes, I know is an extremely cliché’d plot and breaks the continuity with the first movie where the characters all met for the first time. See above about the lack of quality of the series.

Rovio is once again partnering up with animation studio Cake who helped them out with their movies. It might be an annoying franchise to any parents but there is no doubt these birds will probably be as successful on the small screen as they have been everywhere else. According to Variety, Netflix has ordered 40 episodes for the first season of this show. Though thankfully, those episodes will only last around 11 minutes each so the mayhem on the screen will be short-lived. Expect your kids to rewatch them over and over again, so good luck on getting through them.

Considering all the delays on film and TV productions as of late, making an animated series might be one of the better approaches from studios at the moment and this could prove to another successful new partnership for Netflix moving forward. And yes, you can probably expect a tie-in game to go along with it too. These birds are not going anywhere I’m afraid.

Last Updated: March 26, 2020

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