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…And by our Avengers posters combined, I am Captain Bad Photoshop!

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Remember, all those Avengers character posters that Marvel have been unveiling this week? Well, in a flash of blatant obviousness, it turns out that they all join together to form one giant super poster. So sort of like Captain Planet, except with no useless Brazilian kid, with the power of “Hippie”.

What it does have in abundance though, is really craptastic design.

Being Marvel, a company whose makes a few comic books you may have heard of, I would have thought that they would not be churning out these types of amateurish copy-paste Photoshop jobs. This is the second really bad poster design we’ve seen for the movie, and based on how amazingly geekgasmic the rest of the marketing has been, it’s just a bit of a letdown.

I’m pretty sure that I know exactly how this bad design came into being though. Some overpaid marketing dweeb was probably sitting around smoking his 40th cigarette of the day, fresh from snorting cocaine off his mistress’ cleavage  (I get all my ad stereotypes from Mad Men) when a solitary and consequently very lonely idea suddenly popped into his head:

“Hey, the Avengers, they’re like always shouting out ‘Avengers assemble!’ right? So how about we make a bunch of small posters that have zero relation to each other, and then we just… wait, for it… this is the good part… ASSEMBLE them! BOOM! Money in the bank! Don’t worry, we’ll use that intern, whatshisface, you know the one who just learned how to make fire in Photoshop… We’ll have him put the thing together. That way we won’t actually have to pay anybody. Boom. More money!”

Last Updated: March 16, 2012

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