And here's your first teaser trailer for STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS

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Captain’s log, stardate 06 December 2012. The internet is in a state of flux. News of a new Star Trek film has left fans starving and hungry for more news, causing mass hysteria and wild speculation in the unknown frontier.

Myself and science fiction officer Kervyn have decided to embark on an exploratory trip in the U.S.S Chevrolet Spark to find footage of this lost material in the Tee-Zer regions of the darkest quadrant, also known as Kempton Park. We may have just found it.

Well, here it is ladies and Borgs! A full minute of JJ Abrams directed Star Trek action and lens flares, as it prepares to boldly hype the upcoming two minute trailer for next week, fresh from Apple. (Hit that link in case YouTube kills the embedded video)

And you know what? It certainly does live up to the Into Darkness moniker that is attached to this project. But will it be as fun as the first one? Egads, I certainly do hope so.

Here’s a link to an extra 15 seconds of that footage, from the Japanese trailer as well, which contains a few nods to Wrath of Khan. Star Trek Into Darkness hits theatres next year May.

What do you think of this quick tease so far?

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Last Updated: December 6, 2012

Darryn Bonthuys

Something wrong gentlemen? You come here prepared to read the words of a madman, and instead found a lunatic obsessed with comics, Batman and Raul Julia's M Bison performance in the 1994 Street Fighter movie? Fine! Keep your bio! In fact, now might be a good time to pray to it!

  • Grant Hancock

    “I have returned” ? … combined with manner in which he speaks and another shot which is only in Japanese trailer leads me to think that the villain is none other than Khan Noonien Singh !! … hope it’s true ! although Wrath of Khan is one of the best Star Trek movies… the potential battle between the genius and superman Khan and the wily Captain Kirk wasn’t fully realised ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Despite that line at the end of the Japanese trailer (which I think is just fanboy bait), I still don’t think it’s Khan. Gary Mitchell being the villain just fits so much better. Let’s look at the evidence:

    (Those who think this type of speculation is a SPOILER may want to avert your eyes)
    At Comic Con earlier in the year, Karl Urban let slip that Cumberbatch was playing Gary Mitchell, the ex-Starfleet Academy recruit who gained godlike telekinetic and psychic powers back in season 1 of the original series. That episode was actually filmed to be the pilot, but then changed to be Episode 3 later on, but that would have made Mitchell the very first Star Trek villain ever. Which is pretty iconic, the exact word that co-star Simon Pegg used to describe Cumberbatch’s character.

    Abrams and Pegg have also flat out come out and said that it’s not Khan.

    Mitchell’s story also matches up quite a bit with the synopsis and the glimpses we’ve seen. In some of the earlier set pics, Cumberbatch not only is wearing what looks to be a Starfleet uniform, but he also looks the part physically. After developing his abilities in the original story, Kirk marooned Mitchell on a distant planet, but then Mitchell amassed his power to get revenge. This could explain the “…for I have returned to have my vengeance” line in the trailer. Also, last time I checked, Khan didn’t get all floaty like Cumberbatch does at 0:21. That could certainly be explained by Mitchell’s abilities though. Also, the synopsis describes the villain as a “one man weapon of mass destruction”, once again, that’s exactly what a powered up Mitchell was.

    • Grant Hancock

      But why would Mitchell come back for vengeance ? … floaty moment could just be a low gravity fight scene…and after all… Khan has superhuman strength. The guy in the film has a hate for Earth…or at least the way the Earth is now… Mitchell never had such motivation, he just became so powerful and distant that he became dangerous…unless they’ve tweaked the story a bit. …hope it’s khan… but either way, gonna be a terrific film !

      EDIT > didn’t read whole comment thoroughly… didn’t know they denied it was Khan… pity… I’ll still hope ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Were it not for the denials, then it could certainly certainly have argued to be either Khan or Mitchell.

        Here’s the thing though: I don’t want it to be Khan. I really really don’t. As iconic a villain as he was, I don’t like the idea of the new Star Trek universe that Abrams has created merely rehashing storylines from the original one with a slight twist.

        Now before you get all jumpy, yes I realize that if it does turn out to be Mitchell, then rehashing storylines from the original series with a slight twist is exactly what Abrams has done.

        The difference though is that Khan is way more central and recognizable a figure in the Star Trek mythos who has already had so much of his story dissected over the years, whereas with Mitchell, except for the more hardcore Trekkies, most people don’t have a clue who he is. That gives him way more potential as a character.

        • Grant Hancock

          After researching a bit more…. I think if it is Mitchell , that it’s definately not going to be the Mitchell from TOS … that might have been where idea for character started, but I think villain going to be quite a lot different… less powerful in terms of super natural ability, and with a more involved storyline, with a big link to Starfleet, Earth etc. … So yeah, maybe not Khan, but I really don’t think folks can say it’s Mitchell… Anyhoo… all will be revealed in 11 minute trailer with the Hobbit movie ๐Ÿ˜€

  • Rincethis

    HOLY CRAP! It is so Gary Mitchell, superhuman strength etc? I am very much looking forward to this! Brings out the trekkie in me. Sigh, I once did a comicon rednose day event when I was 16 kitted up as a Borg, looked bloody awesome. Was on the news and everything ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Oh and another thing to support my hypothesis: Alice Eve’s character certainly has a resemblance to Dr Elizabeth Dehners, the Starfleet psychologist who also developed powers like Mitchell’s after being exposed to the same galatic energies that Mitchell was.

    • Grant Hancock

      hmm… interesting point…

  • Darryn_Bonthuys

    I’m calling it now. Abrams has combined Mitchell and Khan into one character.

    • You may just be onto something. Or is that on something? I can never tell with you.

  • So… they finally reboot the franchise, give it real momentum and then they… go back to Earth? And who cares if it’s Khan? I’ll just watch that movie if I want Khan. Damnit, I was hoping they would actually do some boldly going somewhere type stuff. Or perhaps take a plot with Klingon villains again – that frankly hasn’t existed since the original series ended.

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