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Andrés Muschietti takes over Stephen King's IT

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The new adaption of Stephen King’s “It” has been in development for quite some time now – it was way back in 2012 that we first told you about director Cary Fukunaga’s plan to split the novel into two films. However the director, who’s subsequently received critical acclaim for helming the first season of True Detective, recently dropped out of the project over budgetary issues – he was still insisting on making two films while production company New Line only want one.

So just who will undertake the mammoth task of distilling over 1,000 pages of horror, which if you remember was previously adapted into a mini-series back in the 90’s, into a single movie? Well if you read the headline, (as per Variety) it’s Andrés Muschietti – director of the reasonably well-received Mama in 2013 (catch our review here).

it andres muschietti

Given that Mama had the fairly creepy premise of a couple taking in their pair of nieces after they’d lived out in the woods for years “alone” he seems a good fit for the supernatural shape-shifting entity that for some reason prefers the shape of a ginger clown called Pennywise, particularly since both rely on psychological horror over gore for their shocks.

It was set to begin production later this year so Fukunaga’s sudden withdrawal at the last minute looked like it would’ve delayed the project substantially, however the speed at which his replacement has been appointed should lessen the impact; just have to wonder how much rewriting will need to be done though if the project has been developed as two movies all this time.

Last Updated: July 20, 2015


  1. James Francis

    July 21, 2015 at 13:05

    Hmmm, dubious. It was a passion project for Fukunaga and his departure pretty much killed what they had done so far. This new guy seems like a studio replacement, probably because he’ll be easier to control. That is a mistake, as a proper It adaptation will need vision and drive – not what you get from a studio yes-man.


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