Andrew Stanton is back at Pixar trying to find Nemo again!

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Andrew Stanton had a rough year. No matter how much I loved it, the Pixar alum’s first live-action directorial romp, John Carter, didn’t go down too well with everybody. Despite the fact that the film has actually made a $30 million profit, Disney is still for some reason touting the line that the film lost them $200 million and they’ve left Mr Stanton holding the bag.

So what’s a talented young director to do in a case like this? How about going back to doing what you do best, on the franchise that first made you famous?

That’s right, Marlin, Dori and Nemo are coming back for another adventure, and the man who first introduced the lovable characters to the world, Andrew Stanton, is back at the helm. This is of course contrary to his very recent position on the possibility of a sequel to one of Pixar’s biggest successes.

This is what he had to say to just a mere 5 months ago:

“[A sequel has] always kind of put a bad taste in my mouth, because I never planned for that… We have said this at Pixar now. We’ve kind of come to terms with it. We’re not against a sequel being made as long as it’s a story we love so much that we’d be dying just to make it, so we’re just waiting for stories to tell us if it’s worthy of doing. Right now, I’ve never been able to think of anything beyond what ‘Nemo’ was on its own.”

You know what washes a bad taste out of your mouth real quick? The even worse taste of being accused of producing the biggest box-office flop in history. Yep, adversity defintley breeds creativity.

Stanton has now come up with a story idea for the sequel, but as THR reports, he won’t be pulling both writer and director double duty on this one as newcomer Victoria Strouse will penning a screenplay based on his idea. Other than that not much more is known about the project at this time, except that Pixar are eyeing an early 2016 release date. But if you can’t wait that long to get your Nemo fix, then have no fear as Pixar are going all George Lucas and will be re-releasing the first Finding Nemo in theatres in 3D on September 14.

Last Updated: July 18, 2012

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