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Sea monsters are learning about the real world in this trailer for Pixar’s Luca

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Fresh after winning two Oscars for yet another masterful animated film in the form of Soul, comes a trailer for the next Pixar, Luca. Pixar is at its best when it tells engaging and original stories, and it appears that Disney is allowing it to focus on those strengths with its past three films. Onward and Soul has seen some big creative muscle flexes from Pixar so far, and Luca looks set to be its biggest flex yet.

Luca tells the story of two boys, Luca and Alberto, who are both sea monsters who can turn into humans when on land. Their adventures on the Italian Riviera show off what it means to be human, which comes with plenty of funny consequences as this new trailer for the film shows:

Like with all previous Pixar films, Luca packs a fun story filled with plenty of great laughs, strong characters, bright animation and loads of heart. I’m a huge fan of Pixar’s original work and event though they have expanded from telling more human stories of late, I feel they’ve only raised their game to adapt to a higher level of maturity, even at the risk of isolating younger members of its audience.

Unlike previous years where Pixar has had at least two movies to release and make money from, 2021 will see Luca as its sole release, which means that not only are expectations for its quality going to be high but with all their movies getting streaming-only releases in Disney+ at the moment instead of theatrical releases for most countries, it means Pixar is no longer getting a chance to dominate the box office as they have previously. This is already causing consternation with staff who no longer get any added bonuses for box office performance and with the company essentially making less money. Sad news for such an illustrious studio, but hopefully this won’t impact the quality of their output in any way and Disney keeps giving them the massive budgets they deserve.

Luca is releasing on Disney+ on June 18th and will be getting a theatrical release in South Africa, considering we still don’t officially know when we are getting the new streaming service.

Last Updated: April 29, 2021

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