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It’s copy and paste in this trailer for Disney’s Turner and Hooch reboot

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With creating a new franchise such an expensive risk for many studios, it’s understandable why they are turning to reboot previous franchises n the past to help draw viewers in on both reputation and nostalgia – even if there are many people who frown upon the approach. Disney has found a lot of success in rebooting some of its older properties. However, if you really want to make a new series that appeals to people, you can simply include a cute looking pet and you are guaranteed to attract a fair number of families to the show. Combining both, like Disney is doing with its new Turner and Hooch reboot and then you’re guaranteed to make a success of it.

Well, that is what Disney is hoping for as they are rebooting the 1989 film that saw Tom Hanks star as investigator Turner who is forced to dog-sit a lovable Hooch following the murder of its owner and the two end up building a remarkable friendship, though with many hilarious interludes between the two. And for the new series, sits pretty much a copy and paste of that formula, which sees Josh Peck play the son of Hank’s character, Scott Turner Jr who is a US Marshall and through a series of similar circumstances, lands up with a dog of his own with many similar funny and heartfelt moments from the film:

Well, talk about starting on a bit of a low by revealing that Hank’s former character is no longer alive, but I suspect the series wants to start on some strong emotion in which to build Peck’s character from. Outside of that bombshell though this series looks formulaic and will follow many of the same sort of scenarios form the movie. Which is not a bag thing for new audiences as the skit between owner and cute, yet rebellious dog is certainly a popular one, but for many of us who are familiar with the original film or many other similarly themed films it plays out a little too formulaic and is unlikely to bring much excitement. Though your kids are probably going to love it.

This is not the kind of show that I can see myself enjoying, so it’s probably a good thing Disney+ is not in the country yet and I don’t need to fret about missing out on this show. I think it will still be popular despite how generic it is though when its weekly episode run starts on July 21st.

Last Updated: June 28, 2021

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  1. DapperWoef

    June 28, 2021 at 10:22

    No article on the passing of River, aka Dogmeat from Fallout 4?

    And you call yourselves a gaming site?



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