Andy Griffith has died

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Sad news in the entertainment world today, as legendary stage, film and television actor Andy Griffith passed away yesterday, at the age of 86.

Born in 1926, Griffith studied to be a preacher originally, before moving on to put musical talents to work with the Carolina Play Makers, while also teaching English for a few years afterward.

However, it was his roles as a straight-faced man with a penchance for delivering amusing monologues that led to his later successes, with his roles in stage and TV shows culminating in a Tony award for a Broadway show.

After that, Griffith got a career boost with his film debut in A face in the crowd, in 1957, and then headed back to television in the sixties, with movies and even more TV roles following in the years since then.

I’ll always remember him as Matlock however.

Writing for the LA Times, director Ron Howard recalled a memory of the actor from the set of The Andy Griffith Show:

He was known for ending shows by looking at the audience and saying ‘I appreciate it, and good night.’ Perhaps the greatest enduring lesson I learned from eight seasons playing Andy’s son Opie on the show was that he truly understood the meaning of those words, and he meant them, and there was value in that. Respect.

At every turn he demonstrated his honest respect for people and he never seemed to expect theirs in return, but wanted to earn it.

So long Sherriff.


Last Updated: July 4, 2012

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