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Arnold Schwarzenegger can count to ten!

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With his career as the Governator finished, it seems that ol’ Arnie is once again destined to be on the big screen. Not that we’re complaining, as his inclusion in the latest explodathon, The Expendables 2, looks pretty awesome so far, work which will be followed up with roles in The Tomb and Last Stand.

Arnie certainly is keeping busy then with his new filming schedule, which he has increased for a role in Ten, which will see the Austrian tackle rogue DEA members.

With David “Fast and Furious” Ayer attached to direct, Ten finds Arnie as a Drug Enforcement Agency member, caught up in a cartel raid that goes wrong when he finds out that several of his strike team members were using the bust as a cover-up to steal the illegal merch.

And while the team believes that they’ve gotten away with the crime of the century, they all begin to get picked off, one by one, leaving Arnie presumably, to get to the bottom of the mystery.

Skip “A-Team” Woods is on writing duty for this one, which doubles the Arnie connection for him, as he’s also linked to Black Sands, which sees the former bodybuilder battling weapons manufacturers and local militias, in the south of the US.

Damn, sounds like Arnie is indeed returning with a vengeance. His next film, will have him portray a certain classical musical composer.

Yep, he’s Bach.*

*Not really.

Last Updated: May 8, 2012

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