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Arrested Development could expand into more episodes

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I’ve only recently gotten into Arrested Development, and I have to say, the show is pretty damn amazing. It’s also only a few season of high level comedy and subtle in-jokes, something that fans have been lamenting ever since it was cancelled.

And then good news was received, because the show was returning for a few more episodes of clever humour, with Ron Howard once again calling the shots. It’s only ten episodes of new material though. Or is it?

David Cross, who plays Tobias “Never nude” Fünke, recently teased in an interview that the project could expand to 13 episodes, thanks to the amount of material that the show was generating:

I think it’s going to be 13 episodes, not 10. There’s too much story. Some characters will have two-parters. Everybody sort of participates, sometimes in a bigger way and sometimes in a tiny little thread that goes through everybody else’s stories.


As for the actual content, Cross says that fans can expect even more in-jokes and crazy events which will require watching over and over again to fully understand:

I’m not gonna divulge anything, but I know what the stories are and what Mitch[Hurwitz] is doing, and it’s so layered. It’s really audacious and amazing.

I think a lot of people will miss the work that is involved, the story, the Venn diagrams that are being created, the domino effect that characters have with each other in their various episodes.

I know what he’s doing, and this has never been done on a TV show like this. This makes Lost look like a Spaulding Grey monologue. You’ll have to watch each episode more than once.

Filming is currently underway, with the new series hitting Netflix first some time in 2013, so it might be quite a wait before we eventually get to see it. But to soothe those nerves, here are two set pictures from the narrator himself, Ron Howard.



Last Updated: August 23, 2012

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  1. Christo Kruger

    August 23, 2012 at 16:37

    No touching!

    I seriously can’t wait for this.


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