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Atomic Blonde 2 in development and possibly coming to Netflix

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Charlize Theron has become quite the action hero. From starring in one of the biggest action films of all time in Mad Max: Fury Road to fronting the recent action blockbuster for Netflix, The Old Guard, the actress has developed a reputation as one of the go-to people when you need a compelling, ass-kicking female lead. One of those films where she really got to showcase her prodigious action talent was in David Leitch’s Atomic Blonde. The film’s story might have been messy, but it was incredibly stylish and Theron was stellar in executing the film’s electrifying action set-pieces.

And now in an interview with Total Film, it appears Theron has confirmed that not only is Atomic Blonde 2 in development with a script still getting written but that it could be heading to Netflix:

We took [Atomic Blonde 2] to them and Scott Stuber [Head of Original Films at Netflix] was really interested in it. We talked to him about it extensively, and we’re in the process of writing it right now. That character was set up in a way where she didn’t really reveal much of herself. So, I feel like there’s a lot of potential there. The bar’s pretty high, but we’re excited about it.

Atomic Blonde adapted the graphic novel The Coldest City and followed Theron’s MI6 spy Lorrain Broughton in 1989 Germany as she tried to track down a list of double-agents being smuggled to the West on the eve the fall of the Berlin Wall. At least that’s how it starts as the script by Kurt Johnstad got very twisty very quickly – some would argue too twisty for its own good though. But luckily the sometimes-incomprehensible writing could be forgiven for a series of bone-crunching action beats, including one BRUTAL single-take fight on the stairwell of a dilapidated building that was mind-blowing as Theron performed the entire sequence (and most others) herself.

Released in theatres by Focus Features, the movie proved successful both critically and commercially and with its neon 1980s aesthetic and music, and only helped to further Leitch’s reputation as a stylish action director following his breakout with John Wick. His career has only gone on to bigger things from there, and it will be interesting to see if he returns for a sequel. Leitch has previously spoken about ideas for a follow-up that he would like to explore, but with Hollywood giving him big projects to work on, the world really is his oyster when it comes to the choice of what movies to make.

As for Netflix, this could be a good blockbuster opportunity for them, though a movie like this is probably best saved for theatres.

Last Updated: July 14, 2020

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    July 14, 2020 at 20:23

    I would definitely watch it.


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