AVATAR SEQUELS delayed by a year

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In news that won’t surprise anyone, it looks like you’ll have to wait an extra year before you get to return to Pandora and watch sky-dragons being raped into subservience by tall Smurfs. Director James Cameron revealed the release date news to the AP. Right now, all three films will still shoot back to back, and that’s the major reason for the delays:

There’s a layer of complexity in getting the story to work as a saga across three films that you don’t get when you’re making a stand-alone film. […]

We’re writing three simultaneously. And we’ve done that so that everything tracks throughout the three films. We’re not just going to do one and then make up another one and another one after that. And parallel with that, we’re doing all the design. So we’ve designed all the creatures and the environments.

Which of course means that the Avatar release schedule now looks like this:

  • Avatar 2 – 2017
  • Avatar 3 – 2018
  • Avatar 4 – 2019

Right now, Cameron is looking to finalise all three scripts by the end of the month alongside his writing team that consists of  Josh Friedman, Shane Salerno, Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver.  This also leaves Fox without any tentpole movie for the US summer season, but that’s a gap that will most likely be filled by the upcoming The Greatest Showman On Earth.

Last Updated: January 15, 2015

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