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BAD BOYS 3 delayed by 6 months, but gets a new official title

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If you’re one of those Bad Boys fans who have been fervently counting down the days until the long-in-development third film gets released, then… well, then you’re possibly crazy or way better at maths than I am. It’s been 13 years since director Michael Bay last had Will Smith and Martin Lawrence’s police detectives Mike Lowry and Marcus Bennett shooting up half the world as they cracked wise in Bad Boys II, and there’s been talk of a threequel ever since.

We know that Bay has passed the directing baton to Joe Carnahan (The Grey, The A-Team, Smoking Aces) and that after years of hemming and hawing Smith and Lawrence are both finally on-board with this project. And now it’s got an official title! And no, it’s not the mundane Bad Boys 3! According to Exhibitor Relations, Sony Pictures has revealed that the new movie will in fact be called Bad Boys For Life, after the brotastic line spoken by Smith to Marcus in Bad Boys II.

Personally, I can only thank the gods that they used this title now and didn’t keep it back for the proposed fourth film which at this point is still noted as Bad Boys 4 and not Bad Boys 4 Life (Urgh. I can feel my brain twitching just after typing that). Sony had originally slated this fourth film for July 3, 2019, but this will more than likely also be pushed back now as part of a knock-on effect.

There’s unfortunately a bad news along with this new title reveal though, as the movie has been given a new release date that pushes it back 6 months from June 2, 2017 to January 12, 2018. The move is a strategic one, as its original date would have seen it going head to head with Warner Bros.’ Wonder Woman. Irrespective of the divisive critical results of WB’s DC Comics movies, all of them have had huge opening weekend numbers, so Sony probably made a wise move to stay out of Wonder Woman‘s way, especially seeing how hyped it is.

Now traditionally the quieter January period has been a dumping ground for studios who don’t have the biggest faith that their movie can pull in a significant audience. However, that trend has been changing recently and the success of Joe Carnahan’s The Grey was actually one of the movies that started bringing about this change. Of course, that movie only had a $25 million price tag, so its $75 million box office receipts was enough to make it very profitable. I got a feeling the bar is going to be raised considerably higher for this.

Last Updated: August 16, 2016

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