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BANSHEE season 4 delayed; intense new trailer released

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Today I learned two things. Firstly, fans, like myself, of Cinemax’s brilliantly balls-to-the-wall cops and robbers (pretending to be cops) drama Banshee are colloquially referred to as “fanshees”. This rather silly name makes me smile. And what immediately wipes that smile off my face is the second thing I learned: The fourth and final season of Banshee has been delayed to April 1st. Bugger.

The sad news that the show was no longer returning on January 29th was broken by creator/writer Jonathan Tropper on Twitter (via Collider) yesterday, and although he didn’t give a reason for the delay, he did indicate that it would be “worth the wait” by sharing a snippet of some crazy new footage.

And because the folks at Cinemax are such swell guys and gals, they followed up that little teaser with a brand new trailer that provides ample evidence that the show is most definitely not taking its foot off the gas in the final straight.

Phwoar! That looks fantastic! And the fact that this is not some kind of forced cancellation, but rather Tropper intentionally ending the story on his terms, means that we should be in for one hell of a finale!

Last Updated: December 22, 2015

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