Take a closer look at the costumes of BATMAN V SUPERMAN!

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Whether the end result of Batman V Superman: Dey Turk Our Jerbs is a cinematic masterpiece or the equivalent of The Dark Knight Re-turds, one thing is certain: The costumes have been nailed.

There’s a certain look and feel here, that other comic book movies have largely failed to capture. And the latest Batman costume, is just magic. Especially in the Bat-package department, which pretty much dwarfs the member of steel. Here’s a closer look at those costumes, from the SDCC floor:

The anti-Superman suit is a near spot-on rendition of the armour worn in The Dark Knight Returns, with a few real-world design elements thrown into the mix. It’s pretty much Batman’s Titan armour, if he were an avid fan of the Destiny video game.

As for Superman, his suit isn’t that much different from its debut appearance in Man of Steel, but the colours most certainly have been amped up, allowing it to pop with more vibrancy. And that helps drive home the differences between Batman and Superman. I like it!

Batman V Superman is out next year March. I have until then to squeeze into my Wonder Woman spandex replica costume.

Last Updated: July 14, 2015

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