Ben Affleck shifts his FOCUS to a new film

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Love him or hate him, the most famous butt-faced man in Hollywood has made quite a name for himself. After his career seemed to take a nose-dive a few years ago, he managed to wrestle his way to the top again in the only way possible. No, not a celebrity sex tape. He proved himself a competent writer and director, and then slowly sled back in front of the camera in a few critically acclaimed stints. Well, Ben “Reindeer Games” Affleck is back, once again, in a new film titled Focus.

Focus is set to tell the story of the relationship between a professional conman and someone starting on their criminal career, and how their interactions will effect their lives years later when they meet again.

This all sounds like very familiar territory for Affleck, who is very familiar with playing likeable criminals, as it seems to work out a bit better for him than playing blind superheroes. Zing! As I stated earlier, Affleck has managed to somehow gain the trust and respect of Hollywood so I will definitely be paying close attention to news regarding Focus, especially since a female lead is still to be cast.

Please, please let it not be Jennifer Lopez and her taco-flavoured kisses!

Last Updated: October 10, 2012

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