Ben Stiller and Jonah Hill want to say ALOHA!

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Even though they’re teaming up for the first time, properly, this year in The Watch, it looks like another film starring Ben Stiller and Jonah Hill may be on the horizon.

Producer of said neighbourhood watch film, Shawn Levy, is itching to get back behind a camera to call some directing shots, and he may have just the top secret script for a comedy called Aloha, to do so.

So secret in fact, that we know next to nothing about it. Zip,nil, nada! What we do know though, is that Nicholas “Get him to the Greek” Stoller is writing the script, off of an idea from Stiller and Hill, and the quality of said script will determine whether or not everyone else hops on board.

Levy has directed Stiller before, in the Night at the Museum films, with the second movie starring Hill in a very brief cameo. Still, if one can make an educated guess as to what Aloha could be about, we’re guesstimating that the film will see Stiller and Hill on vacation as high strung marketing executives who get up to all kinds of wacky antics and fall in love.

While battling Cthulu.


Last Updated: July 23, 2012

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