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Ryan Reynolds is out to save his video game world in new Free Guy trailer

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As gamers, most of us are pretty passionate about the games we play and will happily defend our favourite games against various crippling changes. Which explains why discussions around video games can become so toxic, given how passionate people feel around them. Now, just imagine you were a character in a video game and how much more you would be willing to fight for it.

This is the premise for the upcoming film Free Guy, which sees Ryan Reynolds play the role of an NPC in an open-world game called Guy who begins to learn the truth of his surrounding through the help of Molotov Girl (Jodie Comer) and ends up having to fight for his games very existence from its creator (Taika Waititi) who is now intent on shutting it down. Everything we’ve seen about this film up to this point has looked great, with the film serving as both a faithful tribute to video games and a wild ride full of both great action moments and rib-bursting laughter.

We now have a new trailer for the movie, which gives us more background into the motivation of Reynold’s Guy and what makes his NPC so important to his gaming world:

This trailer serves to only increase the excitement I have for the film, as it only ups the ante on everything we’ve seen before. It’s a clever concept that looks well-executed, with the right brand of elements to make for perfect entertainment. Director Shawn Levy seems to be using all of his skills to bring out the most from this story and its exceptional cast and it promises to be a movie that could be a must-watch for all video gamers when it releases on August 13th, 2021.

The film was initially meant to be released last year but has been delayed several times as a result of Covid-19. With things slowly returning to normal, it should hopefully be able to make this latest release date for cinematic release, before making its way to streaming (likely Disney+ given 20th Century Studios is now owned by the Houser of Mouse) 45 days later.

Last Updated: June 15, 2021

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