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Best & Most Popular Book Clubs 2023

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Which book club gives you the most benefits and has the largest community and the best reviews? Here are the most popular and the very best book clubs in 2023.

1. Mariel Hemingway’s Book Club

Earnest Hemingway’s own granddaughter runs this book club, and she provides insightful picks that will have you adding to your reading list every time you check them out, says Mindstirmedia.com. Each pick is featured with a large cover picture, personal insights into why the book is worthwhile, and a short synopsis to get you interested. Links are also provided to where to purchase the book. This is our top pick because of its diverse selection of books that would otherwise go unnoticed or overlooked. We also love that the site offers a long scrolling list of selections to browse quickly until something catches your eye. This is a book club curated by someone who is not just a reader but a writer as well, and it gives you a unique perspective on new releases and buried book treasures. 

2. Oprah’s Book Club

This is one of the most famous book clubs you will find in 2023, and each book is picked by Oprah herself. She is known for her heartwarming picks, as well as selections that will change your perspective on the world. This club is a great opportunity to discover new books, and see which ones have been selected in the past and made an impact on readers all over the world. It can be a little hard to navigate the list of previous book club selections, as they are only listed on the site one at a time. If you like Oprah’s show or any of her media ventures, then you will probably enjoy some of her book selections, and this club has a long history of turning books into major bestsellers, so you can use it to catch what may be the next big thing. 

3. Netflix Book Club

This is one of the newer book club options, and it is a great choice for 2023, because the picks tie into what many of us are already watching on Netflix (see their Facebook). Each book chosen is one that has been adapted into a show or movie that Netflix features or developed themselves. Many of the books are paired with in-depth discussions on the site that help the books take on a much richer life. If you have been dying to know what books inspired your favorite shows and films, then this is the club for you, and it is especially suited for people who like to watch television as much as they like to read books. The downside is that your choices are limited to only books that have features on Netflix.

Have you tried any of these book clubs? Let us know!

Last Updated: January 23, 2023

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