Better red than green in these images for THE FLASH VS ARROW!

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We’ve spoken before of our immense love for The Flash. It’s a show that has (pardon the pun) hit the ground running, bypassing most growing pains associated with new series and building up enough momentum to strike with a supersonic punch to the jaw. In many ways, it’s the polar opposite to its big brother series Arrow, and it looks like these two siblings are going to clash soon.

Flash (19)

Grant Gustin and Stephen Amell will be trading arrows and spandex in the upcoming crossover, which is primarily a Flash episode. Here’s the official synopsis and a ton of images which want to know if you’re green or red:

Barry is thrilled when Oliver, Felicity and Diggle come to Central City to investigate a case involving a deadly boomerang.  Excited about teaming up with his friend, Barry asks Oliver if he’d like to help him stop Ray Bivolo, the meta-human Barry is currently tracking.  Bivolo causes people to lose control of their emotions and has been using that skill to rob banks.  Unfortunately, the superhero partnership doesn’t go as smoothly as Barry expected.  When Oliver tells Barry he still has a lot to learn, Barry sets out to prove him wrong by attempting to stop Bivolo alone.

However, when Bivolo infects Barry and sets him on a rage rampage, everyone is in danger, and the only one who can stop him is the Arrow.  Meanwhile, Iris is furious when Eddie tries to get a task force to stop The Flash, Joe and Dr. Wells agree the Arrow is a bad influence on Barry, and Caitlin and Cisco deal with a new team in S.T.A.R. Labs.

Last Updated: November 25, 2014

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