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Black Mirror creator Charlie Booker is making a 2020 mockumentary for Netflix

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2020 has been such a weird year, that most people are certain that they’ve been stuck inside of a Black Mirror episode. While that may not be the case just yet,–Netflix does want us to look back at this year from the viewpoint of someone who has produced many an annual wipe over the years: Black Mirror creator Charlie Brooker himself. Brooker will be making a mockumentary about 2020, not that it should be hard given all that has happened over the last twelve months.  

According to Deadline, the project will lean heavily into Brooker’s trademark satire, so that we can laugh off the events that have happened rather than just be overwhelmed by further bouts of depression that Black Mirror episodes were known for inducing. To help nail that comedic feel, the mockumentary will apparently feature Hugh Grant, who will play a historian with an atrocious wig. Grant’s role will be that of an inaccurate narrator, although details are light on what else we can expect from the film.

In case you’ve never watched one of Brooker’s Wipe shows, here’s a taste of it:

2020 may be no laughing matter, but for all of the insanity that we have endured, I guess there is probably no better way to look back on it than through the lens of laughter.

Last Updated: December 3, 2020

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