Blood is thicker than water in this first trailer for JUSTICE LEAGUE: THRONE OF ATLANTIS

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Aquaman gets a hell of a bad rap. Thanks to one stupid cartoon in the 1970s and possibly many terrible comics from before then when he ran a fish hospital, he was reduced to a walking joke. Thing is, Aquaman may be the baddest mofo on the planet. He rules the seven seas. He’s as tough as Superman. He can command oceanic life that includes killers sharks and various other deep water abominations. Hell, he chopped his own hand off in order to save his son. And in the next Justice League film, he finally gets his chance to shine.

As Orm and Black Manta make their move against the surface world after the battle with Apokolips forces in Justice League War had deadly consequences for Atlantis, the queen of the lost underwater civilization searches for her other son, Orm’s half brother Arthur. Living on the surface world with powers he doesn’t understand, Arthur Curry steps into his destiny as Aquaman, teaming with the Justice League to save and unite all people of the world.

We may be a couple of years away from seeing a live action Justice League movie, but the animated counterparts aren’t too shabby at all. Justice League: War was a solid start, and the same cast and animation style returns for Throne Of Atlantis. I’m digging the shared universe approach, something that DC and WB animation excels at.

Directed by Ethan “Assault On Arkham” Spaulding Justice League: Throne of Atlantis, features the voices of Matt Lanter, Sam WitwerChris GorhamJason O’MaraShemar MooreRosario Dawson as Wonder Woman, Jerry O’ConnelNathan Fillion and Sean Astin.

Last Updated: October 2, 2014

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