Home Entertainment Nobody trailer stars Bob Odenkirk as he takes down gangs and recovers kitty bracelets

Nobody trailer stars Bob Odenkirk as he takes down gangs and recovers kitty bracelets

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Nobody is your typical story about an underestimated middle-aged family man who has been roughed up a few too many times, decides to make a change and become a tough guy instead. The only difference is that it doesn’t star Liam Neeson this time. Instead we get Bob Odenkirk who channels his inner John Wick and goes into full-fledged violence territory in this movie.

The film sees Odenkirk play the role of Hutch Mansell, a timid family man who disappoints his family after he refuses to defend them from home invaders. The incident reignites his skillfully violent past as an assassin and forces him to take on the dangerous mob going after him and his family. It’s certainly not an original story, but what matters in a film like this is how well the action is executed, which based on this first red-band trailer for the film, will be quite wild:

Well, this film certainly ticks all the boxes for action fans. Graphic violence – check. Fast gunplay – check. One man taking down an entire gang on his own without the support of the police – double-check. Killing someone to reclaim a kitty cat bracelet – wait, what? When will criminals learn to not mess with the pets and things that are precious to these action heroes loved ones?

If the film gives you strong John Wick vibes, then that’s because it was written by John Wick’s scribe Derek Kolstad and produced by John Wick co-director David Leitch. It certainly lacks some of the visual flair of that movie and Odenkirk is no Keanu Reeves, but this should still be enough to delight action fan with its delightfully graphic violence and fantastic gunplay.  

Nobody releases on February 26th.

Last Updated: December 11, 2020

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