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These boys picked the wrong rednecks in this new trailer for BLOOD FATHER

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There was a time when Mel Gibson ruled the cinema world and everything he touched was golden. Whether he starred in a comedy, drama or in a straight up action film, there was a good chance it was going to be a success. And especially in that latter category, there was something remarkable about him. The ability to play both the incredibly ruthless and the light-hearted comedic in action films set him apart from the rest. However, that was all the 90’s, then the year 2003 came around and it’s been downhill for him ever since.

At least in regards to his popularity in Hollywood, as his talent has certainly never diminished.  And this new trailer for the film Blood Father certain shows him back at his ruthless best. He’s gritty, dark and fighting to protect his FREEDOM daughter who is being hunted down by some less ruthless bad guys after her boyfriend is shot. Yip, this is the typical set up for some Payback and remember, this Maverick is a Lethal Weapon who isn’t interested in taking any Ransom and only in leading his enemies to The Edge of Darkness… Okay, I’ll stop now.

When are people going to learn not to tick off Mel Gibson. It certainly looks like this film could be a fun ride and allow those of us old enough to reminisce of a time when this was the Mel Gibson we all knew.

Blood Father is directed by Jean-François Richet (Assault On Precinct 13), co-written by Peter Craig (The Town, The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 & 2), and co-starring Erin Moriarty, Elisabeth Röhm, Diego Luna, and William H. Macy.

The film is due to open in the U.S on August 12th. Here’s the official synopsis:

BLOOD FATHER stars Mel Gibson as John Link, an ex-convict who fights to protect his estranged daughter from the drug cartel that is hunting her down. In this thrilling action film, John must use his connections from his past life and his skills as an ex-criminal to keep him and his daughter alive.


Last Updated: July 8, 2016

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