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Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence are both messed up in this trailer for David O. Russell's THE SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK

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Anybody who’s seen Three Kings or The Fighter knows that David O. Russell is both a great writer and director. And after the latter movie’s massive critical acclaim, there was clearly only one thing to do next: Piss off every gamer on the planet with an absolutely ridiculously sounding adaptation of Uncharted. (A family drama? Really?)

Luckily for us, he regained his senses, abandoned that project, and instead is back to doing what he does best with The Silver Linings Playbook, a charming tale of two mentally broken people finding love and hope in each other.

Jennifer Lawrence just refuses to be pigeon-holed, taking on just about every type of role she can ever since her Oscar winning performance in Winter’s Bone. But whether it’s the massive box office spectacular of The Hunger Games or something smaller and more intimate like this, it’s clear that she brings her A-game all the time.

Bradley Cooper also seems to be reaching back into the smaller roles that initially got him noticed, as he pulls off this Rain Man-lite vibe. He’s frantic, but yet still very likable. Cooper is also surrounded by what appears to be a great support cast from Robert De Niro to a surprisingly subdued Chris Tucker.

There are much emotionally darker aspects of this story that this rather charming and quirky trailer really doesn’t show off though, like the fact that Cooper’s character is initially trying to get back with his ex-wife (Julia Stiles) as he is under the impression that he’s only been hospitalized for a very short period, when in fact many grueling months have already passed for her.

Based on his past work though, you’d have to think that Russell will be able to get right that subtle balance of light and dark, that should make this an interesting look at how broken people cope.


Life doesn’t always go according to plan…Pat Solatano (Bradley Cooper) has lost everything — his house, his job, and his wife. He now finds himself living back with his mother (Jacki Weaver) and father (Robert De Niro) after spending eight months in a state institution on a plea bargain. Pat is determined to rebuild his life, remain positive and reunite with his wife, despite the challenging circumstances of their separation. All Pat’s parents want is for him to get back on his feet – and to share their family’s obsession with the Philadelphia Eagles football team. When Pat meets Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence), a mysterious girl with problems of her own, things get complicated. Tiffany offers to help Pat reconnect with his wife, but only if he’ll do something very important for her in return. As their deal plays out, an unexpected bond begins to form between them, and silver linings appear in both of their lives.

Last Updated: July 2, 2012

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