Bryan Singer is going to be invading your webspace with H+

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With more and more actors and directors tinkering with releasing content exclusively on the internet every week, along comes the news that Bryan “X-Men” Singer will also be dipping into those electric waters.

It’s a project called H+, and it’s got a brand spankin’ new trailer and synopsis after the jump.

Set in a world where connecting to the web is now more literal than figural thanks to tech company Hplus Nano Teoranta, H+ deals with the ramifications of a virus that was uploaded, killing a third of the planet in one binary blitzkrieg.

Civilization is devastated, and a new landscape emerges in the aftermath, leaving several characters to find a way to deal with the mess that the world is now in.

Warner Bros has pumped quite a bit of cash into this series, resulting in a project that has a higher level of casting and more polished production than other attempts at this new genre in releasing a cinematic series.

Singer is currently helping to produce the series, with Stewart Handler in the directors chair, while John Cabrera & Cosimo De Tommaso are responsible for the script.

H+ premieres on August 8, on YouTube, with new episodes every Wednesday.



Last Updated: July 6, 2012

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