Burying the hatchett may be a good idea in this trailer for BURYING THE EX

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burying the ex

When it comes to zombies in movies, series or games I have to be honest and admit I am as fresh to the idea as they are when they dig themselves out of the ground; I’ve had enough. Even the reasonably decent Warm Bodies irritated me because the market is so saturated with the walking dead. So when I watched this trailer for My Super Ex-girlfriend Burying the Ex I knew I was in for another brain freeze, and the subzero headache I have now could chill Darryn after a chilli eating contest. So what can we expect from this movie with Ashley Green (Twilight) returning from the dead much to the dismay of her ex-boyfriend? Well not much if you ask me, but hey, I’m a cynical ginger.

Ashley plays Evelyn, the beautiful girlfriend of Max (Anton Yelchin, Star Trek), and although she is pleasing on the eyes she’s about as stable as Kervyn in a Marvell debate. Lucky for Max (and not so much for Ashley) a bus interrupts what would have been a rather emotionally painful breakup with an equally physically painful ‘break all the bones’ and Max is left to pursue Olivia instead (played by True Detective‘s Alexandra Daddario). Of course things aren’t that easy and Ashley comes back from the dead, only this time she’s got all the zombie strength and foulness to really ruin Max’s new found romance. What follows is more than likely a formulaic rom-com with zombie in the mix movie. Have a watch and tell me what you think, date-night material?


Burying the Ex is directed by Joe Dante and is set for a 19 June release.

Last Updated: May 27, 2015

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