By Odins beard, Idris Elba signs up for a Long walk to freedom!

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Does the name Idris Elba ring a bell? It doesn’t? Come on, he was the kickass Asgardian gatekeeper, Heimdall, who had a brief yet memorable part in last years Thor movie, and also a larger and more forgettable part in the latest Nicholas Cage train of crazy, Ghost Rider: Spirits of vengeance.

But besides that particular excrement-filled turkey of a film, Elba is a remarkeably talented actor, and for his next film, he’s going to be portraying our favourite statesman and former president, Nelson Mandela in the adaptation of his book, A Long Walk To Freedom.

While Elba will portray Mandela overfour months with shooting spanning local areas across the country, Justin “The Other Boleyn Girl’s” Chadwick will be shouting instructions from his directing chair, with William “Gladiator” Nicholson handling scripting duties.

A long walk to freedom has been a film adaptation that Hollywood has been considering for over 15 years now, but filming rights and a decision to wait until a decent script and actor could be attached to the role have been crucial factors in keeping the film unproduced until now.


Last Updated: March 20, 2012

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