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By the eye of Agamotto! Will JGL play DOCTOR STRANGE?

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After watching skyscrapers get Man of Steeled and seeing much of New York laid to waste in an alien invasion, what we need now is a doctor. And not just any doctor mind you, but a Strange one. You’ve got to give Marvel credit, as they’re thinking ahead with long-term plans for their comic book films. While the currently under production phase 2 slot includes familiar faces, it’s phase 3 which will showcase new heroes.

And Marvel obviously wants another big name on board for their Dr Strange flick. And who else but a former Cobra Commander could suit such a role perfectly?


The Latino Review, who have been spot-on with these rumours lately, say that Marvel is looking to cast Joseph Gordon Levitt as the sorceror supreme. Still, the catch here is that this is a situation where they’re dreaming of having him on board, and have yet to actually get the ball rolling on making the offer serious with the necessary paperwork and whatnot.

JGL is a big time serious actor rght now. He’s been in several hits and his name has some star power, so whether he’d want to attach himself to what could only be a long-term project with numerous other appearances, remains to be seen. Still, between big blockbuster films through to smaller indie roles, there might be some hope.

I reckon he’d make a great master of the mystic arts. What do you think?

Last Updated: July 16, 2013

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