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Candyman’s Nia DaCosta to direct Captain Marvel 2

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Another piece of the puzzle that is Marvel Studios’ super secretive Phase 4 and 5 plans just fell into place. Deadline has reported (confirmed by Variety) that Nia DaCosta, the up and coming young filmmaker helming Jordan Peele’s Candyman reboot, will direct Captain Marvel 2.

Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck had co-directed the original 2019 film which introduced star Brie Larson as cosmic-powered superhero Carol Danvers. Despite some rumblings from a comparatively small portion of the internet regarding Larson’s outspoken progressive politics, Captain Marvel was a smash hit for Marvel Studios, earning $1.13 billion worldwide and launching a very fervent fandom. So no pressure!

DaCosta has shown a habit of rising to the occasion though. The now 30-year old filmmaker kicked off her career in showbiz working as a TV production assistant, and eventually also directing some episodes of British TV series Top Boy. Her big break came when her script for the indie crime thriller Little Woods was chosen as one of the twelve projects for the 2015 Sundance Screenwriters and Directors Labs. Funding the film through Kickstarter, DaCosta directed Little Woods with none other than Marvel alum Tessa Thompson in the lead role. The film was a critical darling when it debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival, winning her an award and leading her to be tapped by Jordan Peele to helm the reboot of iconic horror Candyman that he was producing.

Candyman has since been gaining a HUGE amount of positive buzz, particularly with how DaCosta is infusing the film with a massively strong voice in terms of black history and culture. She is definitely a filmmaker with something to say and continues Marvel Studios’ streak of hiring indie auteurs (like James Gunn, Taika Waititi, Ryan Coogler, etc.) with strong personal visions. DaCosta also will be making history here as the first black woman director for Marvel Studios – the studio has been on a mission to recruit more diverse talent both in front of and behind the camera after taking heavy flak in its early days. Even more prestigiously, given the relative budgets of the comic book studios’ blockbusters, Captain Marvel 2 will probably give DaCosta the honour of helming the most expensive movie ever made by a black woman. That title is currently held by Ava DuVernay who directed Disney’s A Wrinkle in Time for $115 million. I’m sure that the bean counters are hoping that Captain Marvel 2 doesn’t repeat that film’s disastrous box office run.

As for the superhero sequel, it is being written by Megan McDonnell, who also worked as a story editor on Marvel Studios’ upcoming Disney Plus series WandaVision. Besides that, we know next to nothing about Captain Marvel 2, not even its full title. The first film was set in 1995 (complete with a soundtrack straight out of my teenage years!) and ended with Larson’s Captain Marvel departing Earth to help the peaceful Skrulls find a new homeworld. The next time we saw the superhero was in Avengers: Endgame which was set five years into our future. So what happened in that nearly three-decade span and how does she still look she hadn’t aged a day in that time? It’s believed the sequel will be going back and filling in those gaps.

Captain Marvel 2 is currently scheduled for release on 8 July 2022 which is luckily far enough down the line that all COVID-19 delays have not affected it yet.

Last Updated: August 6, 2020

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