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Carey Mulligan takes on the “nice guys” in this trailer for Promising Young Woman

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It really shouldn’t be the case, but going out to nightclubs alone can be a scary prospect for women. While many men will treat ladies with respect you will always get those with ulterior motives. Even more shockingly, some of these men don’t even realise how their actions could affect the women around them, thinking themselves to be “nice guys”.

In Promising Young Woman, Carey Mulligan stars as Cassie, a woman who had a bright career as a doctor ahead of her until a sexual assault at the hands of one of those nice guys sends her down a dark path. Now she is an unconventional vigilante dispensing punishment to these deserving of it. So essentially teaching these sorts of men a lesson that the rest of society wishes they could teach as well. And it looks pretty good!

It’s a story that is very fitting of the #MeToo movement and one that is likely to strike a chord with people on either side of the fence, but a story that needs to be told. The film tackles both the psychological effects of sexual assault on victims and the indifference the world can often show towards them.

Promising Young Woman marks the feature directing debut for actor-writer Emerald Fennell (who also wrote the script), following her stint as showrunner on Killing Eve season 2 and you can definitely pick up the similarities between the show and movie here. The film has strong elements of comedy which is probably needed given the stark nature of its content and what is not funny behaviour at all. Alongside Mulligan, the film also star Alison Brie and Connie Britton and is scheduled for release early 2020.

Last Updated: December 12, 2019

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