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Casey Affleck jumping in…er, Out of the Furnace?

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We recently brought news that fresh from dressing up like a giant flying rodent and verbally abusing DP’s, Christian “Please pass the Strepsils” Bale was going to be taking up the lead role in Scott Cooper’s revenge film, Out Of The Furnace.

There were rumours making the rounds that Viggo “Fighting naked is the best” Morgensen would be joining Bale, but those have now been quashed, with a newly surfaced report from Variety indicating that Casey “I talk like I just came from the dentist” Affleck is actually the front runner for the supporting role.

According to the report “Bale plays a guy who’s released from prison and wants only to get his life back and marry his gal. All that changes when his brother is murdered, and the mission becomes revenge.” Affleck would be up for the role of the unlucky brother.

There has have also been reports that Zoe Saldana and Robert Duvall would be co-starring, which gives this film a truly killer cast. Combined with Scott Cooper’s directorial abilities, as displayed in 2009’s Oscar winning Crazy Heart, this makes for a highly anticipated film.

Last Updated: March 6, 2012

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