CELEBRITY DEATHMATCH is making yet another return to the ring!

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I don’t know about you guys, but back in my day, our hatred of celebrities was settled not on Twitter or through FaceBook stalking, but in vicious, bloody bouts where at least one A-lister would die every week. I am of course, talking about Celebrity Deathmatch, which saw such classic fights as Christopher Walken vs Gabriel Byrne, Madonna vs Michael Jackson and David Space vs Steven Seagal.

celebrity deathmatch

It was britual, horrific violence that nobody in their right mind should ever enjoy. And it’s getting a resurrection. Again. Again. THR reports that MTV will bring back Nick Diamon and Johnny Gomez to call matches, with creator Eric Fogel once again calling the shots.

The new series will of course incorporate some new touches, including mandatory social network comments. The original Celebrity Deathmatch was a smash hit in the late 1990s before being brought back in the mid-200s and cancelled in 2007.

I’m hella keen to see the series return. Especially if we can see Kanye West tag team with Justin Bieber against One Direction. Who wins? The fans baby, the fans!




Last Updated: April 15, 2015

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