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Channing Tatum is going to bring the White House down

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It’s a good year so far for the actor that Kervyn hates the most, Channing Tatum. 21 Jump Street has been a big success for the soon to be near-naked and oiled up Magic Mike actor, with Tatum also scheduled to appear in some form or another in GI Joe: Retaliation.

And it looks the Channing-ChooChoo is going to keep on rolling, because Tatum has just locked in a starring role for the Oval Office Die Hard, White House Down.

Roland Emmerich is currently finalsing preparations for his next action flick, which will have Tatum taking on a paramilitary terrorist group, who are looking to kill the president.

And of course it’s up to Tatum to stop ’em all with some trusty high velocity lead, as I explained earlier in my eerily-accurate made-up synopsis. James “Amazing Spider-Man” Vanderbilt has written a script, which yes, has Tatum as a single dad, who has to juggle killing terrorists with raising his kid.

Damn, sometimes I hate being right.


Last Updated: May 15, 2012

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