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Channing Tatum may no longer star in GAMBIT

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When it comes to the X-Men, Gambit has never been the biggest character. Sure the card-throwing Ragin’ Cajun is super cool and has his fare share of fandom, but he’s certainly never reached the popularity levels of say, Wolverine. Which is why it may be considered a bit strange that there’s a Gambit solo movie on the way , making him the only member of the X-Men outside of Wolverine to get one. It hasn’t been a secret though that practically the only reason that 20th Century Fox is making this movie, is because superstar Channing Tatum has been petitioning to play the character for years. And now Channing Tatum may no longer be in the picture.

The Wrap is reporting that according to one of their sources who has inside knowledge of the production, last minute negotiations between Tatum and Fox has completely broken down, with it now looking like the Magic Mike star may just exit the film after championing it for so long. This comes just days after some casting calls for the movie hit the net. In fact, according to The Wrap, before this breakdown, Tatum had been screen testing opposite actresses to find the film’s female lead, with Lea Seydoux (Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, Spectre) apparently emerging as the favourite.

Director Rupert Wyatt (Rise of the Planet of the Apes) was set to start production on Gambit in New Orleans in October, so if Tatum does indeed pull out of this, it would mean a mad scramble to find a replacement lead actor in a very short period of time. Anybody have Taylor Kitsch’s number handy? I mean, he’s already played the character once, so why not just do it again?

There is still some hope for Tatum’s involvement in the film though, as The Wrap’s sources report that the actor’s representatives were still engaged in active discussions with the studio to try and resolve the situation, but confirmed that “something was up”. Tatum was also set to co-produce Gambit with his producing partner Reid Carolin, so if he does exit as actor, it’s uncertain whether he’ll still hang around behind the camera. We’ll bring you more on this as it develops.

Gambit is currently still scheduled for release on October 7, 2016.

Last Updated: July 30, 2015

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