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For a film as big as Man of Steel, the production crew must have used several rainforests worth of paper to get some concepts off the ground. Take the new costume that Kal-El wears for instance.  Zack Snyder claims that he saw 1500 variations of the classic red, blue and yellow suit before he settled on the current, modern version.

And a ton of those costumes were drawn by Warren Manser, for further approval. Here’s what they looked like.

MOS (21)

Speaking to Film Sketchr, Manser said that Snyder did indeed cast his eye on quite a few iterations of the iconic costume:

I recall hearing the term ‘due diligence’ in reference to the Superman suit and specifically to the red briefs. It was extremely important that we created a costume that would respect the Man of Steel’s origins while taking him to a new level. I don’t even want to venture a guess at the number of variations, but he may not be too far off. I had so many photoshop layers that I lost count.

Unfortunately, I cannot recall a timeframe, but when our director was satisfied that we exhausted all plausible avenues, he made the call. We said goodbye to the red briefs!

Personally, I love the new look. But some of these designs were fantastic in their own right.

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Last Updated: June 25, 2013

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