Check out the gorgeous artwork and poster for Marvel's PHASE ONE Blu Ray collection and ITEM 47

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Marvel’s Phase One Blu Ray collection – with it’s shiny packaging and Blu Ray blockbusters – already got most of us geeks salivating uncontrollably at all its contained awesomeness, but now some further details have been revealed which sounds even cooler. Along with these details, also included are the gorgeous artworks to be used as the film sleeves as well the poster for Item 47, all of which will probably leave our bodies void of any fluids whatsoever.

Here’s the new official blurb from Disney, giving a run-down of the collection’s contents:

Immerse yourself in every aspect of Marvel’s elite Super Heroes with this limited-edition, 10-disc Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One Collection. Complete with glowing Tesseract, this exclusive replica of Nick Fury’s iconic briefcase includes stunning Blu-ray 3D™ and Blu-ray™ presentations of The Avengers; Captain America: The First Avenger and Thor, as well as Blu-ray™ versions of Iron Man; Iron Man 2 and The Incredible Hulk in exclusive collectible packaging. Plus, now that you possess the highest level of security clearance, you have been granted access to S.H.I.E.L.D.’s most confidential files, including a top-secret bonus disc filled never before seen, classified information. Also featuring exquisitely detailed art, prop reproductions and artifacts from the motion pictures, the must-own Marvel Cinematic Universe: Phase One Collection will verify your status as the world’s greatest authority on the Marvel Super Hero mythos!

The “exquisitely detailed art, prop reproductions and artifacts” is what really caught my eye here, as I am just a sucker for cool movie memorabilia. I don’t know about you guys, but my desk could certainly do with a replica mjolnir or vibranium shield.

And as promised here’s the gorgeous artwork to be used as the Blu Ray sleeves, but honestly, as a huge fan of minimalist artwork,  I’d be willing to pay top dollar to have a couple of them grace my wall as posters.

We also get our first look at the poster for Marvel’s latest One-Shot, Item 47, which will be included on the Avengers Blu Ray. For those of you that need a refresher Item 47 is the short film directed directed by Marvel co-president Louis D’Esposito, which sees “a not-so-ethical young couple (Party Down‘s Lizzy Caplan and Flags of Our Father‘s Jesse Bradford) recover one of the lost alien weapons (in the aftermath of the Avengers’s battle in Manhattan) and figure out how to make it work. Then, of course, they have to figure out what to do with it — and their solution is a life of crime. S.H.I.E.L.D. agents played by Lost‘s man-in-black Titus Welliver, and Maximiliano Hernández (reprising his role as Sitwell from Thor and The Avengers) are assigned the task of stopping them and getting the weapon back.”

The Marvel Phase One Blu Ray collection hits stores on September 25, exactly 3 months before Christmas. Coincidence? I think not.

Last Updated: July 12, 2012

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