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Chris Carter talks X-FILES 3

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I want to believe…that the X-Files will finally get that big screen success that the franchise so dearly deserves. It’s had two chances so far though, with both of those films never really being blockbuster smashes. Will the third time be the charm, if series creator Chris Carter ever brings the band back for one more gig?

Speaking to Empire, Carter explained that while he and the rest of the cast were up for a third flick, they needed 20th Century Fox on board to fund and approve such a film. And therein lies the challenge. Still, Carter has some ideas for the film, and where it takes off from exactly:

I think all of us are interested in putting the band back together. I have an idea for a third movie in my head. The colonisation date has passed and that is something we wouldn’t ignore. For the second movie, we only had the budget for a standalone story, but we want to go back to the mythology.

And by mythology, Carter means the long-running story arc about our planet being slowly invaded by aliens, who used all manner of agents and weapons in order to further their goal. If Carter does make a third film though, there’s one actor that he’d love to have join Mulder and Scully. Simon Pegg.

Gillian [Anderson] worked with Simon Pegg on a movie and told me that he was a big fan. We actually thought about putting him in the second movie, but there was no part for him. I certainly would think about him if we were to go forward in any way.

As much as I like the X-Files, the real problem here is that the TV series just doesn’t make for a good translation onto the big screen. The first film, Fight the future attempted to translate the alien invasion into that format, but it felt wrong and forced. The second film, went back to the mystery roots of the franchise, but that felt like an overlong TV show in comparison with a smaller budget. I’d love to see the X-Files return, but I doubt that Hollywood is the right direction for it to go in.

Last Updated: August 28, 2013

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