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Chris Pine talks WONDER WOMEN and his take on the period and character Steve Trevor

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We earlier wrote to you about the introduction of a new actor and character coming into the DC Comics cinematic Universe and now we have further word from another actor who is soon to join the DC Comic Cinematic Universe. Chris Pine is going to be playing the character Steve Trevor in Wonder Woman and while sitting down with Comic Book Movie to talk about his upcoming movie Final Hours, he also had a few things to share about Wonder Women movie – which is being uniquely set in World War I, a change from what we normally get in movies, according to Pine:

It’s a period we don’t see often; it’s usually World War II. Our costume design is incredible. We have scenes with, like, 500 extras all in period dress. I’d never been on a film with extras casting as beautifully done as it is here. It highlights a really important point. When background casting is done well, it can make or break a scene. I’ve got people in deep background that have entire lives. It’s awesome, it’s actual make-believe land.

What I find interesting is that Steve Trevor was an intelligence officer in the United States Army Air Corps during World War II in the original comic books and so I am interested to see where they are going to go with this story arc and how they will tie it into the rest of the Justice League story line, which is set in the present day. I can see some sort of time jump as took place from Captain America to the first Avengers movie and I’m hoping that they can find a unique way of intersecting the story lines.

There has been a wild rumour going around that Pine is actually playing Steve Trevor’s grandfather in this movie, and when the timeline jumps to the modern day, he will also be playing Trevor himself – who just so happens to look exactly like his old grandpappy.

We actually haven’t seen any evidence to confirm this crazy rumour, and Pine never addressed it either. But when quizzed about how he is planning to portray his character, he explicitly mentioned him as “Steve Trevor”:

Steve Trevor is a rogue-ish, cynical realist who’s seen the awful brutish nature of modern civilization. He’s a worldly guy, a charming guy and it’s going to be a great, fun film. There are some incredibly deep, interesting and morally relevant themes

It sounds like this type of character – whomever he may be – is right up Pine’s alley and should be an easyfit based on the natural persona and charisma he has already displayed in previous roles. I think what will really make his character work will be the chemistry that is created with him and co-star Gal Gadot, who will be playing the role of Diane Prince/Wonder Women.


For those who are not familiar with the comic book character, Steve Trevor is the primary love interest of Wonder Women, but his character was also unique to the comic book world in that it reversed the gender role of the typical damsel in distress, with Wonder Women often needing to rescue Trevor in times of trouble. And that is not to say that this character is a wimp by any means, but merely always played a supporting role in Wonder Women’s heroine efforts.

As for the director of Wonder Woman, Patty Jenkins, Chris had this to say:

Patty is just directing the daylights out of it. It’s shot beautifully feels so wonderfully period, but also has this wonderful pop sensibility

So, it seems like everyone is excited about the upcoming movie and that is a positive sign that this movie could be a great hit. The movie is scheduled to be released on June 23, 2017 and will put the final pieces in place for the first of the Justice League movies to be released later that year. Are you getting more excited for the Justine league now?


Last Updated: January 15, 2016

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