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Christopher Nolan gets timey-wimey in first trailer for Tenet

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Damn it, Christopher Nolan. Why did you have to make us out to be liars? Just yesterday, after we finally got two images from the acclaimed writer/director’s upcoming mystery project Tenet, Craig mentioned that the secrecy would continue as only an extremely lucky few would get to see a short IMAX prologue for the film this coming weekend… And then Nolan and Warner Bros. went and dropped the first trailer for Tenet online for everybody to watch…

…and we still know nothing! Well, maybe next to nothing as this fantastic preview seemingly confirms the rumours we’ve heard that some form of time travel would be involved. Well, maybe not time travel but rewinding of time… while moving forward in time… which actually happens way more in this trailer than you may actually have noticed on first viewing (like the fact that people are actually falling up towards a building)… and I don’t know what’s happening but holy hell it looks cool!

Based on the snatches we get here, it would also seem John David Washington’s (of the Denzel Washingtons) character is somehow recruited by Robert Pattinson’s character to join some clandestine group using all these timey-whimey shenanigans to avert World War III which will take the form of something worse than a nuclear holocaust. We think. What we know is that Nolan himself has described Tenet as the “most ambitious film we’ve made,” which is really saying something when you’ve already made a movie in which a heist takes place inside three nested dreams in which worlds get folded up like origami.

And just in case the very strong Inception-like vibe we’re getting from this trailer still wasn’t enough to get you excited for this movie, it also packs a great cast including the likes of Keneth Branagh, Elizabeth Debicki, Clémence Poésy, Michael Caine, Aaron Taylor-Johnson and more. Oh and Nolan is breaking away from usual collaborator Hans Zimmer and has instead tapped Ludwig Goransson (the brilliant composer behind The Mandalorian’s incredible music) to score this film.

Man, I want this film in my face right now, but unfortunately we’re going to have to wait until 17 July 2020 to see it. And knowing Nolan, we’ll learn next to nothing new about Tenet before then.

Last Updated: December 20, 2019

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  1. RinceThis

    December 20, 2019 at 15:46

    This looks awesome. Much excite!


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