Christopher Plummer and Frank Langella get their boxing gloves out to star in a Muhammad Ali film

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Whether you’re a fan of the puglisitic arts or not, everybody knows who Muhammed Ali is. A rock star of the boxing ring, the only thing quicker than his fists was his tongue, but things didn’t always play out for the legendary boxer as planned.

One such incident was wherein Ali refused to be drafted into the US military during the time of the highly controversial Vietnam War, a decision that saw Ali stripped of his belt and sentenced to a term in jail.

Now, HBO Films is planning on making a movie surrounding that particular period in the life of the champ, with Stephen Frears tipped to direct the project by the name of Muhammad Ali’s Greatest Fight.

Veteran actors Frank Langella and Christopher Plummer have confirmed that they will appear in Muhammad Ali’s Greatest Fight, with Plummer playing the role of Supreme Court Associate Justice John Marshall Harlan II, the judge who presided over the infamous case that ended in 1971.

No word yet on what part Langella will play, but the addition of such well-seasoned actors should make for one interesting look at Ali and his fights outside of the ring.

Last Updated: February 10, 2012

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