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Colin Farrell talks WARCRAFT

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As far as fantasy movies go, the Lord of the Rings set the bar this millenium for that genre. Plenty of other folks have tried to emulate that success and get some of that sword and sorcery pie for themselves, but they’ve all failed. Badly. One film that could forge something to rival a hairy-footed ring-bearer?

Warcraft, a series of games from Blizzard that has already built up a massive lore and fanbase. Director Duncan Jones is handling that transition from PC game to big screen film, and while he remained tight-lipped at the recent Blizzcon event, he did share a glimpse at the scale of the world that he happens to be building. A world that has Colin Farrell inside of it.

Speaking to IGN, Farrell said that while he wasn’t sure what the status of the film was at the moment, he was still enjoying the part that he was going to be playing inside of it:

Don’t know what’s happening, man. I read the script, if that’s any use to you, and it’s amazing….Duncan was cool. I sat with Duncan for awhile and read the script, loved the script, and we was as cool as can be. I don’t know what’s happening with the film. I don’t know where they are in the process…It’s just a world that I never explored — and it’s a really big and fantastical world. I can’t imagine what he, being as visually gifted as he is, Duncan, and what he did on Moon with, like, a dime, I can’t imagine what he’d do with this Warcraft.

As for which character Farrell will be playing, he’s keeping mum on that tidbit:

Can I? I probably shouldn’t. I don’t even know, actually, I’ll just say that! I don’t even know. We were just talking, and Duncan just said, “There might be something in it for you!” And I said, “Catering?

Farrell won’t be alone in the film when it eventually starts filming. Other names linked to the project include Paula Patton and Travis “Vikings” Fimmel. As for plot, no one knows which direction the films are going in. But with the latest expansion to World of Warcraft, Warlords of Draenor, on the way that could be an inkling to the direction the film will go in. Just imagine a horde of Orks from another dimension. So vast and powerful, that no one race can stand against them. That’s how the Alliance between the races of Aeroth formed.

And it’d make for some great viewing by the time the movie makes its December 2015 release date.

Last Updated: November 18, 2013

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  1. @ Blizzcon they mentioned it was early Warcraft history Anduin Lothar Vs Durotan.


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